Sunday, January 30, 2011

March Brown

A spin off of Gilligan's March Brown (mainly the Thin Skin abdomen-awesome idea)
His Flies will be available soon @ Mtn. Hardware, Truckee
Hook: Tiemco 2457 #12
Thread: Uni 6/0 Rusty Brown (This pic w/tan out of R.B.)
Tail: P.T. Fiber
Body: Thin Skin Brown
Body Dub: Superfine Brown
Thorax: March Brown Dub
Legs: P.T. Fibers (shown)or Partridge Feathers Natural
Wing Case: Thin Skin Brown


Shoreman said...

Hey Josh. Mark from Northern California Trout. Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I put the word out about your blog and you should see some new followers, shortly. I've added you to my blogroll and will stop in as you post. Good to see another blogger up here in the high country.


Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

Thanks Mark,
The more the better. Gotta love the mountains. Thanx again for throwing Waders Deep out there, eventually Trout Salad should be out too.
Back to work I go...

Matt "Gilligan" Koles said...

That fly looks a lot like the one that dude Gilligan ties. I heard they will be available at finer Nor Cal fly shops this spring.

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

I agree, I may have infringed on your Thin Skin placement. Don't worry bud, I already told people where they can find your flies.
You should give me your pattern for yours' so I can have an exact match...

Dustin's Fly Box said...

what size of bead is that? Great fly!

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

Hey Dustin,
I believe on that fly it is small (2.0 or 2.5<3/32>) or something like that, I don't recall the particular size on this one. Best thing to do is to size up the bead to the hook. Thanks for the compliment, the "Marchy Nymphs" will be in full force reel soon....