Thursday, July 14, 2011


The flows on the 'ol Truckee are finally becoming awesome and the caddis are on like donkey kong. Put in a hard days work in the Dispatch world and today is Thursday, which have become boating days...
Chris a.k.a Roadkill was next in line for a float, so today was his day.  He isn't totally new to our world but wasn't very familiar with it either; that is until today.  Worked with him the whole trip and by the end he was a master. He managed to land one and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed every second of it.  I am super stoked at the fact that I can say I floated "Roadkill" on the Truckee.  On a side note, notice Roadkill did not have the super death grip on the trut..I am realizing that owning a raft comes with one down fall- less fish and more oaring.  Which is totally fine because navigating a river and getting friends into fish is pretty much just as fulfilling.
If you haven't had the opportunity to float fish, it is highly recommended...

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