Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fishin' Buds

Tip for the day~ If you are on the water, find that your waders are leaking, and can see the hole.
Tree sap can temporarily stop the leak- in a pinch situation and you can't handle a little moisture...

These summer days have been extremely busy. I haven't even touched the river in 4 weeks. To busy with that whole work thing (bummer). Yesterday, Wicket convinced me to step away from the craziness and head to the river after work. He also convinced Andy to come out too. What a night- the three of us haven't  been on the water together in a long time.  The best part is we all landed fish.
I pulled mine with the 'ol Big Hot Butt- even though they are tapering off for the year, the fish were very keyed in on them.



Chris said...

Glad you've escaped the treadmill for a few hours, Josh.

I'm desperate to do the same! GET ME THE HELL OUT OF THIS OFFICE!!!

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

Grab a bat, beat your printer- then grab your gear and hit the river...