Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trinity Metal

Tip of the day~ Every angler should be respectful of others and understand fishing/river etiquette.

Hilary and I headed up to the 'ol Trinity this weekend with the vessel "Hoof Arted". We met Chuck on Friday night, and at 5:00 a.m. Saturday it was on like donkey kong.  
Started the day off wading, with Chuck landing a nice one early in the day. Hours after wading we decided to get the boat wet and drift Sky Ranch. This was the first time Hilary or I have floated the Trinity and we were pumped. I took the sticks while Chuck pointed out the runs and provided knowledge. Steelies were there but a little inactive; only a few takes and a few hooks. The day was rather sunny, warm and the water- well- a little too clear. 
Later, we arrived at one of Chucks' favorite runs and waited 45 mins to get in. While waiting we saw many boats and all were friendly and didn't feel like waiting for the hole. However, one boat (Redding Fly Fishing Guide Boat-guess who!) totally cruised in and low holed the other guide we were waiting on. We were pissed! The "good" guide (with etiquette) waved us in to the run, so we jumped in. The "low holer" came and offered us the run as if it were his; I mean- come on- as a guide, you should know better than to jump in on other anglers. By the way- his client hooked into a nice one and lost it, which appeared, by the guides hands (poor netting?). As soon as his client was done we set the anchor and fished it hard. A few casts in I had a nice one on but one head shake and off. We pulled anchor, I rowed upstream, set anchor, and two casts in WHAM! I had it again. This time the steely launched over a log and I fought for ten minutes before Hilary was able to net. I can't believe the fish wasn't gone after launching over the log, amazing fish. 
Landed on a Kaufman's Stonefly


Home Skillet said...

Knowing river etiquette isn't enough. You have to be decent person as well. I think that there is no better measure of a man's character than to watch how they respect other fishermen (or not).
BTW, the Trinity is within striking distance for us from Bend, maybe I'll be one of those guys waiting on a hole soon.

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

I totally agree there Home Skillet. You should get there, it's gonna be good for a while. Go get you some metal, ooowww...

rm said...

rm commented on you comment on he said nice fish and he admitted to being a shitty speller.