Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How many fish stories do you have?

Awoke this morning to the sun shining for the first time in weeks. Here in the mountains where the rivers flow, April can be a serious extension of winter- a long one it has been.  As I made my way to the "office", I looked to the left of Glenshire Bridge and saw that the Truckee was raging like Arnie on steroids.  The flow looked as though I was gazing upon a great summer run fishery.

This time of year most of us anglers would question the worth of even dropping a line in the Truckee.  Truth is, these flows make the fishing a little bit more interesting.  Usually the gear involves big bugs and mucho weights to get down fast. When you do get a take, the line will run from your holder like a cheetah chases its prey.

After my first 9 hours of this beautiful day, I was saddened when I had to depart from work- the place that I go to because I have nothing better to do (nope). Early on I had asked Hilary and Ryan if they wanted to hit the river; Hilary went for a walk, and Ryan had softball with his girls. Away I went on yet another trial to test my skills of taking a photo- solo style.

I headed to my favorite hole, waded out, dumped my line and made my first few false casts to the run. With  the river moving this way, I had a #12 March Brown with a #12 Blue John dropper and a lot of weight. The run is no better than 30' right now, and moving fast-fast-fast!!! After making 3 sets through, I added one more BB and got right back in it. Then WHAM!!!!!!!!- away we go. The line ran with a few good trout hi-5s' in the spray, as I slowly worked her back to me.  Trembling like Kevin Bacon running from Tremors- I land the Bow, lay down my rod to measure her and break out the camera. The second I have the camera in my hands-FLOP- she was gone.

This fish measured and honest 22" and was a stocker from the lower section. My reason behind writing this, is to ask how many of you have this same "Fish Story"? Do you tell your friends or keep them to yourself, from fear of all the "Hecklers" you know?

Do you remain truthful when you tell your story?

Or do you embellish?
That's right, I am the photoshop masta!!!


Trout Magee said...

I guess I don't have a lot of these stories because the streams I fish are pretty small so the fight is a little shorter. Plus I got the eagle claw death grip down pretty well when I land a huge one:) I do on the other hand know a guy that every time you ask him if he had any luck, he says
"Yeah a caught a nice 14 incher." It is always 14 inches for some reason. I am starting to wonder if he is talking about the huge $h!t he took. Since I think he is probably full of it! :)

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

Yup! Know the saying; except up here they're called 16 incher...


I love fish stories...they bring a smile to my face! I mean, if someone can't tell the truth on the size of their fish...at least they have a great imagination!! BTW...my fish yesterday was 17 in. and there are pictures to prove it. : )

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

I agree there Damsel, some people have a huge imagination... I checked out your fish, man what a gut on that trut.