Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dam Beaver

Over the years I have grown quite fond of a beaver. At first he was rather annoying- always spooking my runs- but non the less, pretty interesting... for a river dweller. For some reason he looks like a Wally, as this I named him.
This evening I headed out for the evening hatch and without fail, Wally was there to toy with me. I started low, tied on a "Big Hot Butt" and landed a few truts. Then- leave it to beaver- Wally shows up and slaps his tail like Hi-5's during a "Need for Speed" session. I said hi, continued upstream and land a couple more. Wally & I danced back and forth about 5 times; right up 'til the sun was gone.  I think we have an understanding...
Anyone else have a river dwelling buddy?


B1GR said...

Oh yeah, lots of river buddies, I had a beaver on the LT in the lighting strike hole do the same thing on a regular basis a few years back. He'd bang his tail and patrol back and forth until I eventually would leave. I also see mink buddies, saw one yesterday as a matter of fact, but they boogie when the see people.

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

Gotta love the river dwellers. Every time I see a mink, it takes me a second to realize it wasn't a flash, but one of those little buddies.
By the way... I really enjoy your blog, great photos.