Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wild Nevada

Tip of the Day~ While in Nevada, don't hide your piece of crap lawn chair in the bushes for a later retrieval...

Hit the Truckee with Flying China and Wicket on this fabulous Sunday. Ol'  F/V Hoof Arted handled yet another mission and took on some truts like King Kong took on Godzilla.
Today the boat had two fishermen and the one thing needed for my awesome vessel is a stern seat. At the moment Hilary and I are saving for a house and the funds for the 3rd seat are on hold, so for Chris, who took up the back, I decided to try to mount my lawn chair. Unfortunately it didn't work and he had to grin & bare it, boat butt and all. The next decision was where to put the chair. We decided to stash it in the bushes.
I am still learning the new float, so we hit it super hard, investigated every nook and cranny for over 8 hours. After the day was done and everything loaded in the truck, had our celebratory beer, we headed back to the put-in. I wasn't sure where Wicket stashed the chair so I asked to him to retrieve it. Upon his return, he had a funny grin and said, "There is Taco Bell, Budweiser cans, but no chair". I hear Chris laughing in the background and all  I have to say is WOW.



Blake Hamilton said...

better then leaving a flyrod streamside

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

I totally agree,that would ruin a day.