Saturday, June 23, 2012

Barbie goes for a Float

Tip of the Day~ When floating with 4 children it is best to zone out, tune out, and remain in your happy place.

Took out Chuck and Wicket's girls last weekend and landed a ton of fish. For the dads, they landed all of their fish on the almighty Sage rod, and the girls, well, they slayed them on a pink Barbie spin rod. Being very impressed, I am now headed to the local shops to promote the Barbie rods.
All in all, it was quite the adventure and the girls are on their way to becoming river rats.


Mark Kautz said...

Four children in a raft is enough to make anybody wacko. Glad you survived.


Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

I prefer the Scooby Doo combo myself. But recently found the Dora Expoler a good alternare.
all be following!

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

Ya Kevin, Dora Explores trout waters like no other.

Anglers Belong said...

More girls will be fishing in the future..hopefully it wont increase the price of the fishing equipments due to the high demand. :)
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