Monday, October 22, 2012

First Fish/ First Touch of Fly Rod

Hit the 'ol Truckee yesterday with Wicket and our friend Jon (L.B.J.). Great day to float considering the weather coming in today.
LBJ has never fished the Truckee nor has he even touched a fly rod. I must say he was one of my favorite "students" yet. I gave him my one 30 min. crash Nymphing course and had him practice while we set up and ran the shuttle. After some bug-less casts from the boat, he was set up with the Pussy Kat Baetis and he was hooking up.
It is just as enjoyable for me to see a friend land a fish. It is equally humorous watching the first attempt to hold the the fish for a photo.
Notice his "Kung-fu" grip and the "Please don't drop it again" grin.


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Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Another poor addict of the fly. Enjoy!