Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back in Da' Saddle Again (Ouch)

The S.S. Hoof Arted hit the river once again today. It was a first for one yet also felt like a first for myself and Wicket. I have not been behind the sticks, let alone, helping a buddy learn the ropes in over a year. Wicket has not had the pleasure of being posted on a seatless stearn in quite some time too. Needless to say, I was extremely beat up over this trip. We found that the boat has some new holes, and trying to govern a 13' boat with around 30lbs of aqua is extremely tiresome.

Anywho, it seemed to be a buggy day and they were liking them. Wicket landed a few on the dry after seeing a lot of action on the top. However the fishing seemed a little different, but low and behold, it was figured out. Wicket had made a comment that the clouds looked awesome outlined by the sun, which we agreed. However, it was only after we returned home that the wife told me it was a Solar Eclipse (pictured above).

On this particular float, not only has Drew (below) not landed a big fish on the river, but it was also his first float on the river. This was all accomplished on a Solar Eclipse. He was an excellent listener and picked up on my unorthodox lessons quite quickly. I am sure he will take up on more adventures continuing his progression as an angler.

As for myself, I am completely out of shape and will concentrate on returning my rowing arms back to normal.

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