Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ol' Er' Rish' has Learned The Way of Man

This guy has been hounding away to float and learn the ways of man...
Today was his day and boy did he impress. Not only has he never touched a fly rod, this was also his first from a boat. All in all, Wicket and I feel very impressed with the Ol' Er' Rish'.

We started with the "Crash Course Nymphing Lesson", which Erich learned well. He landed his first fish from very nice water and proved to be quite the battle. While I was trying to maneuver the boat through the water and keep the fish close, Wicket was busy trying to land the fish with his own fly rod in hand, a net and a birds nest in his line. All worked out and Erich landed a very nice fish for his first.

All in all Er' Rish', I am proud to contribute to your manhood.

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