Monday, November 4, 2013

Rogue River 2013

Tip of the Day ~ "Hot Damn"

First things first...
All you "Metal Heads" gotta hit the Rogue. When you seek a little info on the river, you will need to stop at "the Fishing Hole" in Shady Cove and ask one of the boys.  When it comes to the boys, they will cater to all your needs with a smile, knowledge, and enthusiasm the Rogue deserves.

Many moons have passed since my last adventure on the Rogue. Yet again, I can not thank Greg Keller enough for hosting such an excursion. We put in 10 to 12 hr days on the water and didn't blink an eye. We experienced, "Hot Damn", torrential down pours, a little flooding due to plugs flying out, and of course the beauty that is Steelheads.

A lot of buddies were landed, and released, 90% of them being natives. They loved the Stones, Bloody Mary's and Princes. I landed five beauties total and all but one were natives. This was a huge pleasure because I have yet to land any metal on my 8W. 

John was on the same boat as Bruce the guide (both pictured below), and I. Bruce has been on the Rogue longer than I was a thought in my parents head and it showed when it came to the water. Jack (owner) was the guide on Greg's boat, he too has been on the Rogue before I was a swimmer. They have been fishing together for many seasons which has given Greg a plethora of knowledge as well. It is a real treat to gain the knowledge of those who know the fish.


All in all, I am very pleased with the outcome of this weekend. I know that metal is in my blood, and I am excited to take the wife up to the Rogue and get her some Steel. 

On a final note... We placed a friendly wager for largest and most, and I brought it home...
THANKS AGAIN GREG, JACK, BRUCE, BARRY(check spelling), DELI (excellent lunches) AND 

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