Saturday, March 1, 2014

Run me out in the Cold Rain & Snow

Tip of the Day ~ Keep an eye out for "Wild Reverence" 
& Check out the film "Kiss the Water" 

Well, from what I've been hearing the Truckee has been fishing well. Although yesterday was the first day of the year on the 'ol river for me. There is a serious lack of weather around here which has kept the fishing on the up and up. 
This was the first fish brought in on the Tibor 4Wt. The reel is definitely high on my awesome list. It's as smooth as Chuck Norris cutting through a hot knife with butter.
We are currently seeing a few nice weather patterns stacking up and waiting to enter. Could this be a Miracle March? Possibly, either way these systems will help out for the coming summer months. I look forward to some earlier than normal hatches and will now begin tying up some buddies that will entice the bite. Hi5

Two weeks ago, we also ran up to the Trinity which proved to be non productive; at least the F/V Hoof Arted had the opportunity to get her belly wet. 


Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

What we really need is cold and wet. Need to build that old snow pack upcountry.

Josh "Chappy" Chaplin said...

I agree 100%, looking pretty scarce up there!!!