Sunday, March 9, 2014

Best Friend of Man

Tip of the Day ~ No matter how many moons have passed, your dog will charge when on the river!

Hit the river with Wicket, Chris and brought along North. Not a lot of fishing on my end considering having North on the river. He loves the water and out of respect for others, we avoid other anglers holes; which on a busy weekend means more hiking then fishing.
We started as three then North and I were on our own. Nearly 3 hours in, the poor buddy started a limp and I made the call! It was a great call because as you can see in the pic above, he can barely move. Not an easy one to see from your river dog! 

It did turn out to be a fish day, although we didn't witness. Wicket landed a nice beauty and Chris was there for the pic!!!
OoooWwwww nice trut buddy!!!

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