Sunday, June 15, 2014

"This Boat is Real"

Tip of the Day~ Watch for spines!!!

Headed out with Wicket, Andy & Beck for a little afterwork session. I'm not one for angling still-water and yet I enjoyed this mission! Started off with streamers and worked to dries. 

The main course were all Blue Gills and albeit small they are a lot of fun, especially landing as many as Chuck Norris lands punches. 

 I will still-water fish from time to time!


Luis Fisher said...

Nice tip! I'm using a kayak, I think I will try a boat this summer.

Only FIsh FInder said...

Yes only boat is real! So funniest title with the tips. I am going to fishing with the Lowrance Elite-7 HDI and hope the more fishing for my money.