Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Battle Born

Tip of the Day ~ Nevada is not just flat desert!

Well, this last weekend was one to remember. I was given the opportunity to assist Derek on his Antelope hunt and we were successful. We started the morning early and within hours we spotted a decent buck no more than 75 yards away, standing broadside. This buck would live as his size was not quite up to par. Total for the day we saw around 8 bucks, many herds and enough people to make it seem like Gary Busey, aka Doc Hawkins, may be waiting around any corner.

At around 10:30 we rode the quads up to a saddle, hiked up a peak and then the game was on. On our way up Derek spotted a nice buck on the ridge to the peak and we were on a mission to get the upper hand. Once we crested and hopped a fence we spotted a husband/wife duo just strolling around like they were on a garden walk. They had obviously spooked anything around so we started to head out, next we heard a shot below and saw a herd with 3 bucks scatter our way. We sat patiently and watched as they began to graze and relax. Then the herd split and Derek's buck herded four doe right where we were. Derek waited for a broadside showing and then, click!!! He didn't remember to chamber a round! Luckily he was grazing, Derek chambered and BOOM, the buck was out like trout on a 200 yard shot. When Derek gave out his excitement yell, the sound was like a cow had swallowed a rooster and they were talking over each other. This was all done opening day and we planned on 4 days, so what next.

Next was a trip over to Knott Creek to do some fishing. We made the trudge from camp over to Knott Creek and we set up shop and proceeded to land fish after fish; once Derek found the "Honey Hole".   We were in some of the most beautiful landscape Nevada has to offer.

We managed to put in over 110 miles on the quads, I found a nice mule shed, Derek found an arrowhead, downed a nice buck, landed a bunch of fish and kicked back on our down time. I'd say it was a trip to remember...

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